Just like any device with mechanical and electronic parts, an air conditioning system is susceptible to wear and tear over an extended period of time. This is specifically true if the air conditioner is not maintained at regular intervals. To avoid possible repairs or to get the most out of the system, maintenance tasks should be performed more often, ideally before the start of the summer months every year.

If you own an air conditioning system and if you do not maintain it properly, the unit may suddenly stop working. An ill-maintained air conditioning unit may lead to high energy bills. Further, putting the extra strain to get the desired results may end in major breakdowns.

Here are three major steps to perform for maintaining your air conditioning system appropriately:

Replacement of filters

One of the vital parts of air conditioning maintenance is changing out the filters. This is the place where foreign material and dust get collected. If the filter reaches its capacity, the dirt begins to unload into the interior chamber of the unit or out through the vents. If the filters have become too dirty, replacing them is advisable as the first step in troubleshooting and air conditioning maintenance.

Usually, people are not skilled as professional air conditioning maintenance technicians when it comes to replacing filters. The industry experts suggest replacing the filters every three months if it is used consistently. The moment the professionals will clean the filter, you would observe a significant change in its efficiency.


Take a close look over the air conditioner unit and check if anything looks inappropriate. If you have not started up the unit yet, go ahead and get it started. Notice any strange noises as it runs. Bad odor, unusually loud noises are all signs that there can be a problem. If repairing these is not your task, contact a skilled professional for assistance. During the inspection, the air conditioner technician is able to thoroughly clean out the system and check every single part to make certain that they are not displaying any signs of wear and tear.

Duct cleaning

Over time and regular use, dust, dirt, and debris build up in the duct system. Turning on the air conditioner unit makes them get through the ducts, past the filter, and many a time end up being inhaled by the homeowners. Instead of avoiding these things, cleaning out the ducts will make a huge difference as part of the air conditioning maintenance plan.

Cleaning the components of the duct can prevent allergies and air-borne diseases by keeping the air dust-free. Also, it will make your home free from musty smells created by mold, dust, and dirt. Besides, an air vent that is cleaned regularly has a long life span and will also operate efficiently to save energy.

Get the Air conditioner system checked by Professionals

Keeping the air conditioner system maintained is vital to help with mechanical breakdowns and to keep the air quality at its best.

If any problems occur in air conditioning maintenance, the first thing to do before calling the technician is to check the thermostat settings. For problems like clogged up dirt, replacing filters, duct cleaning, leave the parts of the unit in the hands of the technician.

Even though you may be putting efforts to maintain your air conditioning properly, it is still recommended to get the system checked by professionals every year or especially before every hot season.

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