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Emergency Furnace Repair Services Aurora

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Repairing home appliances on your own helps save big bucks, and also gives the satisfaction that comes with repairing a machine and making it work properly again. However, there are certain kinds of appliance repairs, unless you have enough experience to perform repair work, that is best left to professionals.

For emergency issues, the furnace repair Aurora can be difficult to resolve, and only a professional can quickly address any mechanical failure. Indeed, there are some common emergency furnace repair issues that can occur at any time, irrespective of the age of the system.

Getting to know the furnace!

  • One of the most common issues with the furnaces is contaminated filters, which if not resolved on time can damage the motor. This malfunctioning motor can stop the system from working altogether.
  • More specifically with older models, excessive levels of gas are some potential issues. The cracks often lead to increased CO2 levels which can be hazardous if inhaled at high levels. Another potential problem from gas is a fire and or explosion. Any spark, such as from faulty wiring could set off an explosion.

The common symptoms for this problem are dizziness and flu-like signs, indicating the furnace is on the brink of failure and may require emergency repairs.

  • If struggling with the thermostat to make the necessary adjustments, get your unit checked out by professionals. This causes some rooms to be hotter while others colder, indicating the unequal distribution of the air. For such issues, repair services are more effective than making a replacement.


  • Usually, the burner flame is yellow, in case you notice a change from blue to yellow, it might be because of water leaks, rusty flue pipes, streaks around the furnace, or maybe issues with the chimney. These all factors lead to carbon monoxide creation by the furnace that changes the flame color. A check-up by the furnace repair Aurora professional can help check the exact problem and suggest the best ways to eliminate carbon dioxide production.
  • When the emergency switch shuts off on accident, turning it back on again is the initial step in troubleshooting. In case, it does not turn on; your unit may need to be reset. If it happens to turn on and shut off again, get it repaired immediately.
  • Popping, banging, and squealing sounds should not be avoided. Such strange noises coming out of home appliances indicate something wrong with the blower or other furnace parts.


Furnace repair professionals available around the clock

To address any emergency furnace  issues, repair technicians are available around the clock. With their required training, expertise, and experience, they can ensure that the repairs are done right the first time. They can diagnose your problem quickly and can provide you with the right solution to your problem.

Moreover, experienced professionals can easily handle different models of furnaces to bring them back to their normal working conditions.

During the winter months, older furnaces or those which haven’t been serviced in a long time are at more risk of having emergency furnace problems. Even if the damage is minor or common, it can be potentially dangerous to homeowners. However, calling a trained technician to quickly manage any repair work can make the place safe for the residents.

If you are in need of furnace repair in Aurora, CO, contact True Blue Heating and Air experts to find a solution to your problems. Possessing the essential skills and knowledge, we will help your furnace operate efficiently.

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