When it comes to our heating system, we don’t bother, till it goes wrong. It is not uncommon to experience boiler problems, every now and then. Just like any other mechanical device, usual problems with boilers happen after a few years of use.

Did you know 90% of boiler problems are not down to the boiler, it’s normally associated with lack of maintenance or incorrect installation, so let’s have a look at some of the most common boiler problems:

Do you smell bad odors?

Typically, boilers do not have an odor, however, if your system does, this is a clear indication of a problem that needs to be addressed. The bad odor emitting from the system is likely because of a gas leak, specifically carbon monoxide which is a colorless gas. Avoiding this problem may prove hazardous for you and your family and also becomes an expensive Boiler repair Denver.

Do you observe any leaking?

One of the strong indicators that you may require boiler repairing is leaking, around the base of the system. Leaking is particularly harmful as it puts more pressure on the heating system to heat the water inside the heater. Do not avoid the leakage signs and try to address the problem as soon as possible.

Do you hear unusual noises?

Usually, boilers make noises while operating, however, it is crucial to note the presence of any strange noises. For instance, a loud clunking sound is indicative of a failed component, and a hissing sound could be a warning of iron or sludge deposits collecting. Such problems can lead to uneven water distribution and might lead to overheating or complete system failure altogether.

How old is your system?

The heating systems usually last for many years, provided that you have your system professionally serviced on a regular basis. Maintenance is specifically required for older systems.

With professional maintenance, your system can potentially last 15-20 years. However, the professionals do not recommend keeping the heating system longer than the length of time. It is recommended to start monitoring your systems for once it reaches about 15 years of age, there is more likely to observe gradual signs of malfunction.

Do you see cracks in the body?

If you have a defective boiler then surely the rusted body metal would have some cracks on it. Such body cracks may result in leakage. If you think the boiler’s body is fragile, then the optimal solution is to replace it rather than repairing it multiple times. If you detect any crack, damage, or outdated part, seek professional help for its replacement. The professionals will thoroughly examine the parts to fix the problem.

Check the ventilation

Boilers are unable to work efficiently with blocked air vents. Do consider the installation place at first and make sure to place it in a dust-free place since dust particles can block the air vents. Such circumstances may affect the working efficiency of the furnace. Thus, it is recommended to follow proper ventilation instructions from the boiler’s manufacturer.

Instead of delaying the boiler repair work, carefully look for the damage signs and find out exactly what is going on with your system. Remember, even the most reliable and expensive machines need maintenance and repair so that they can work efficiently and for a long time.

If your boiler suddenly stops working, do not panic, and start looking for a credible and licensed boiler repair specialist. To get the best service and maintenance for the boiler, you need to get professional help. By hiring someone with experience and expertise, you can be sure of getting the best repair or service. Resolving the boiler issues all by yourself and without any professional’s help is not recommended.

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