Lafayette, CO


Lafayette Heat and Air Maintenance

In Lafayette, you have hot, muggy summers every July and when December comes rolling in you have frigid, frosty snow. All year round, you need a HVAC system that works perfectly all the time to keep you comfortable. We at True Blue Heating and Air specialized in the installation, repair, and maintenance of heaters and ACs. We will make certain that you don’t sweat it out indoors in summer or have a really cold winter inside your living room. We are that “Hvac near me” service that you are looking for to make sure you stay nice and comfy all year round.

We are proud to offer you our heating and cooling related services all year round. You would be hard pressed to find any HVAC company which offers affordable and reasonable rates with a guarantee that you get the best service with every heater or AC we install, service or maintenance. Our goal as a company is to keep you comfortable in your home or office by providing the best HVAC related services at a reasonable and affordable cost. We want to be the AC and Heating company you can rely on all the time, every time.

Regular service intervals are what you need in order to keep your heating and air climate systems running smoothly and efficiently. It minimizes cost and expenses and weeds out potential issues before these become more costly and expensive to repair or even possibly replace. We provide inexpensive regular servicing and maintenance services to not only help reduce your energy consumption but to also save you from expensive repairs due to poorly maintained HVAC units. So be certain to have you heating and cooling systems properly maintained after an Ac or furnace installation. Ac repair is more expensive than regular and periodic maintenance. After an Ac install, plan ahead for regular maintenance service.

We at true Blue Heating and Air are proud to offer our services to you and here’s a list of how we can help you;

  • AC installation
  • Central Air Installation
  • AC maintenance
  • AC repair
  • AC servicing
  • Duct, Filter and Whole Unit Cleaning
  • Repair, servicing, and replacement of Thermostats and Sensors
  • Heater and Furnace Installation
  • Heater and Furnace repair
  • Heater and Furnace maintenance
  • Heater and Furnace servicing