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Safety harbor– True Blue Heating And Air

If the blistering summer heat here in Safety harbor is getting to you, we at True Blue Heating and Air are more than willing to help. We provide heating and cooling solutions for your HVAC needs, such as AC install and AC repair. With the summer heat wave at its peak, we will make certain that you remain cool and comfy in the privacy of your home or your workplace.
We provide a wide range of ac units which suits your needs and budget. If you need a simple window type AC or a centralized air conditioning system, we have in stock the best ac units from respectable and well-known air conditioning companies ready for installation for your home or workplace.

Quality Heating and Cooling Services at Affordable rates

Our mission and vision at True Blue Heating and Air are simple; to provide the best quality heating and cooling services at the most affordable rates.

There may be other HVAC companies which promise quality services bundled with cheap and competitive rates, but what sets us apart is that we actually deliver quality services and affordability, without any compromises. We don’t blow off hot air with empty promises; we give you cool air at a price that won’t make you sweat.

We have the Best AC Technicians at Safety harbor

Our well-trained and courteous AC Technicians will install, maintain, and repair your ac units with utmost care while observing the highest possible worksite industry standards. In line with our company policy of providing you only with the best HVAC related services at in inexpensive rates, we choose only the most competent AC technicians to work on your AC system for your home and office. Our aim to provide quality services is not limited to our products but extends to our staff as well. We employ only the best the same way we install only the best to guarantee that you get the very best.

For a more energy-efficient AC, have your units regularly maintained

With regular use of your air conditioner comes wear and tear as well as dust, dirt, and grime clogging your air conditioner’s vents, ducts, and filters. The intense heat of summer in Safety harbor will also make you work much harder to keep you cooler, increasing wear and tear. We highly recommend that you have your ac units regularly maintained and undergo routine service checks not only to have you ac units’ ducts, vents and filters cleaned but also to repair and possibly replacer worn out parts. This routine maintenance will make your air conditioner run smoother and more efficiently as well as prevent more costly repairs in the future.

Just in case you need to stay nice and warm when the monsoon rains start pouring in during the cyclone season, we also provide furnace installation. Here is a complete list of heating and cooling services which we provide to residents of safety harbor, as well as other counties of the Sunshine State.

• AC Installation
• AC Maintenance
AC Repair
• AC Servicing
• Central Air Installation
• Duct, Filter and Whole Unit Cleaning

• Repair, servicing, and replacement of Thermostats and Sensors
• Heater and Furnace Installation
Heater and Furnace repair
• Heater and Furnace maintenance
• Heater and Furnace servicing

Need to know more about the heating and cooling services we provide? You may call us on our hotline. Our courteous staff will gladly answer your heating and air related questions. We also provide free estimates.

For other inquiries and estimates, call us on our hotline 720-230-6090.