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Seminole – True Blue Heating And Air

The unbearable summer heat can get you down, making you feel lethargic and feverish. With this intense heat, you feel not only uncomfortable, but work productivity goes down, the chances of getting a heat stroke goes up and makes you and everyone else feel cranky. Thankfully, we at True Blue Heating and Air are here to make summer nor only bearable, but comfortably cool as well. We are an HVAC company which specializes in providing top-notch heating and cooling solutions at competitively affordable rates. We have a branch office ready to serve you in Seminole as well as in other areas and communities in Florida. So if you are looking for an “HVAC near me” company in Seminole which you trust and rely on, we at True Blue Heating and Air have got you covered.

We have friendly and highly skilled technicians ready to help you

Our well-trained and professional AC technicians are on call and ready to keep you cool all summer long by providing the best .AC install and AC maintenance, as well as other heating and air solutions.We guarantee that they will work as quickly and efficiently, without cutting corners or doling out second rate services which will leave you sweating in the heat. Quality is what we stand for, and our AC technicians always keep this in mind. They will also respect your property and privacy, making as little of a fuss when installing, repairing, or maintaining your air condition units.

We have the best AC units just for you

Since we want to be known as an HVAC company which provides only the best, we carry a line of only the finest air conditioning units from the best air conditioning companies. We have the AC unit which nicely fits your needs and budget. From simple split type or window type AC units for your room or studio to more complex central air conditioning or climate controls systems, we have the perfect ac unit just for you.

AC maintenance and repair keeps you cooler and saves you money

The most expensive AC repairs, or even a complete replacement of the entire AC unit, is often caused by two things; poor AC maintenance and lack of cleaning. We highly recommend that you have your AC units routinely maintained to prolong service life and prevent costly repairs later on. Also, cleaning of the ducts, vents, cooling fins, and filters of your AC units result in cleaner and cooler air.

The following are the heating and cooling services we provide at true Blue Heating and Air;

• AC Installation
• AC Maintenance
AC Repair
• AC Servicing
• Central Air Installation
• Duct, Filter and Whole Unit Cleaning

• Repair, servicing, and replacement of Thermostats and Sensors
• Heater and Furnace Installation
Heater and Furnace repair
• Heater and Furnace maintenance
• Heater and Furnace servicing

Furnace installation, repair, and maintenance are not what come to mind in when you live in Seminole. However, when the cold rainy nights come rolling in during the cyclone season, you may opt for furnace installation to keep you and your loved ones warm and cozy.

You can call us on our hotline for more inquiries on our heating and air services. Our courteous and friendly staff will gladly answer your questions. We also provide free estimates

For other inquiries and estimates, call us on our hotline 720-230-6090.