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Tampa – True Blue Heating And Air

We at True Blue Heating and Air are proud to offer our HVAC related services to anyone looking for the best heating and cooling services this side of Tampa, Florida. We are staffed with highly trained and certified AC technicians who specialize in air conditioning installation, AC repair and the like; we’ve got you covered. As far as HVAC contractors in Florida are concerned, we can say that we give you only the finest service we provide at the most affordable rates when it comes to your heating and cooling needs.
Our goal at True Blue Heating and Air is to create a long term partnership with our clients. We want to be the only HVAC company that you will turn to, whether it be for AC installation, repair or maintenance or other related services. To achieve this long term partnership, we have a two-fold strategy. First, we provide the best services we can possibly offer. Second, for services rendered we charge at a reasonably competitive price which is not only downright affordable but perhaps the lowest you can find around.

We only install air conditioning units from the most trusted and known air conditioning companies. We are an environment-friendly company and respect your home and privacy. Our AC technicians work as quickly as efficiently as possible, making certain that they get the job done without interfering with your daily activities. Any and all materials left over after the work is done is disposed of properly with due regard to the environment. Our friendly and polite technicians observe the highest possible on-site job standards making certain that the work done is always the first-rate.
Summer can be blisteringly hot in Florida. High heat and humidity can and will interfere with the over all quality of work, rest, sleep, and practically anything you do on a daily basis. You need an AC system that will work perfectly not only in summer but all the time all year round as well. We at True Blue Heating and Air will make sure that you stay comfy all year round. Although Tampa and the whole of Florida are not known for cold winters, it can get a bit chilly during rainy days. We also do furnace installations, just in case you want to stay warn on one of those cold rainy nights.

Here’s a list of the quality HVAC services we provide. When looking for an “HVAC near me” company, we at True Blue heating and Air are proud to offer the following;

• AC Installation
• AC Maintenance
AC Repair
• AC Servicing
• Central Air Installation
• Duct, Filter and Whole Unit Cleaning

• Repair, servicing, and replacement of Thermostats and Sensors
• Heater and Furnace Installation
Heater and Furnace repair
• Heater and Furnace maintenance
• Heater and Furnace servicing

More inquiries and questions? Call us on our hotline today. Our friendly staff are ready to answer your heating and cooling related questions, and we also provide free estimates.