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Wesley Chapel – True Blue Heating And Air

Triple-digit heat hits Wesley Chapel this summer, with seemingly no relief in sight. It’s too bad you can’t stay in the pool to keep cool all summer long as the heat continues to soar at record highs. Fortunately, we at True Blue Heating and Air are here to help. We are an HVAC company which provides AC install, AC repair as well as other heating and cooling solutions to give you relief from the heat. Not only do we aim to serve you in Wesley Chapel, but we also have other branches in the Sunny State as well.
You cannot do without an air conditioning system with the scorching hot and humid weather in the Sunshine State. What you need is perfectly running and reliable AC, which gives you cool air 24/7. To ensure that you stay comfy and cool without worrying about AC breaking down when you need them the most, we have got you covered. We only provide carefully selected heating and cooling systems and AC units from trusted air conditioning companies.

Quality Services at Affordable Rates; to us, it is not a mere tagline, it is what we stand for

The phrase “quality service at affordable prices” may sound like a cliché tagline with HVAC companies these days, but to us, it is what we deliver. We don’t blow hot air with empty promises or dole out second rate services which will leave you sweating it out in the heat. We want to establish a reputation as the “HVAC near me” service that is reliable and trustworthy. So when we say we only give quality service at affordable rates, we stand by it and you can expect only the best from us.

Regular AC maintenance can save you from the heat and costly repairs

In Wesley Chapel, it is hot and when summer comes rolling in, it gets intensely hot. So it’s common for air overworked conditioning units to break down. One factor involved AC’s breaking down is lack of proper maintenance at regular intervals.  A proper maintenance service involves cleaning the ducts, coils, fans, and filters of accumulated dust, dirt, and grime. Dirty and poorly maintained AC units not only give less than optimal cooling but also make the blower and compressor work harder, increasing wear and tear and raising power consumption.

Regular maintenance also includes a service check where all the parts of the AC unit are carefully inspected. A loosely fitting bolt in the AC fan may not seem like a lot, but when left unattended or repaired can potentially wreck the whole unit. Some parts which wear out faster might need to be replaced to prevent costlier repairs in the future, if not a replacement of the entire unit. So we highly recommend that your air conditioning system undergo regular maintenance, be it a simple window type unit or a more complex centralized air condition system.

Our Services at True Blue Heating and Air

The services we provide at True Blue heating and Air are as follows;

• AC Installation
• AC Maintenance
AC Repair
• AC Servicing
• Central Air Installation
• Duct, Filter and Whole Unit Cleaning

• Repair, servicing, and replacement of Thermostats and Sensors
• Heater and Furnace Installation
Heater and Furnace repair
• Heater and Furnace maintenance
• Heater and Furnace servicing

Who needs furnace installation and repairs with this intense summer heat, you may ask. Well, when you need to keep warm on those chilly rainy evenings during the cyclone season, you might consider a furnace installation, too. Need to know more? You may call us on our hotline right. Our staff will gladly answer your heating and air related questions. We also provide free estimates.

For other inquiries and estimates, call us on our hotline 720-230-6090.